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Keep Your Home Cosy with Free Cavity Wall Insulation

When you’re shivering in winter and turning up the thermostat, you may not consider that your home’s walls could be to blame.

Studies show that a house without insulation could be losing up to 35% of its heat through the external walls. That’s over a third of your energy bill being spent on heat that’s being immediately lost.

Insulation helps in the summer too. Cavity insulation keeps your interior temperature stable by reducing the amount of heat that passes through into your home, so you don’t need to waste money running fans all summer long.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Cavity wall insulation keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. And best of all, Thermal Homes will help you apply for an ECO grant so that installing this insulation will be free.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Most homes aren’t built with a single layer of bricks on the external walls. You’ll usually have an external part of the wall, then an empty space (a cavity), and then the internal part of the wall.

Insulation fits snugly inside this empty space like a blanket. Instead of heat escaping through the cavity to the external wall, it’s trapped by this blanket and uniformly dispersed throughout the insulation.

The end result? A warmer home, and smaller bills.

Why Should you Insulate your Walls?

There are many advantages to installing wall insulation to your home. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and we could talk your ear off. But you’re busy, so we’ll stick to the three main advantages:

  • You save money. You lose less heat in winter, so you don’t have to use as much energy on your central heating.
  • You’re more comfortable. Like putting freshly brewed coffee into a thermos flask, insulation keeps the heat in your home, so you’ll be kept cosy and warm whatever the winter throws at you.
  • Government ECO grants cover the costs of insulation. You’re saving money and becoming more comfortable without having to dip into your savings.

Do You Have Already have Cavity Insulation?

Because cavity wall insulation is hidden away, you might not be aware that you have it. It’s not like you can pull a few bricks out of your external wall to check

There are a few telltale signs that insulation has been fitted. If your house was built after 1920, it will have a wall cavity that may have had insulation fitted. If you check the mortar around your home’s windows, you may see some telltale “dots” which show where the insulation was injected.

Of course, if you don’t want to spend an afternoon trying to work out whether a dot is a sign that insulation was installed, or whether it’s a wall tie or just some discolouration, there is any easy way to check.

Call Thermal Homes on 0161 425 1916 and we’ll carry out a full survey and inspection. It’s free, and there aren’t any obligations, so there’s no reason not to!

How Do We Install Insulation?

Once we’ve checked that you have cavity walls and that they’re not insulated, we’ll talk to you about your options. Generally though, installing insulation isn’t too difficult.

We’ll drill a series of small holes in the outside wall of your home. Each of these will be around 22mm in size – smaller than a two pence piece – and spaced about a metre apart.

Once we’ve drilled the holes, we pump the insulation into the walls – a process that shouldn’t take too long at all. Once the insulation’s all in the walls, it settles in to fill the cavity, and then we seal up all the holes with fresh mortar.

You’ll barely notice the repaired holes – which is why it’s best to request a survey if you’re not sure whether insulation has been fitted – but you’ll start to notice that your home is warmer and your bills are lower!

Can Exterior Wall Insulation Cause Damp or Damage My Property?

Some people have heard that cavity wall insulation can cause damage, or that it can lead to damp.

According to CIGA (the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency), only around 1% of cavity wall insulated properties suffer from damp. The ones that do generally come down to the installer making a poor decision.

Either the property wasn’t suitable for insulation because of its construction or location, or the insulation wasn’t fitted properly which leaves space for condensation to form.

The same goes for damage. If insulation causes damage, it’s because the installer may have missed something during the installation.

That’s why we take our site visits and surveys so seriously. We know that our work is backed by a 25-year guarantee, so we make sure we’ve got it right. If your property isn’t suitable for insulation, or the installation could lead to damage, we’ll tell you straight away. If the potential for damage is due to an existing problem with your home, we’ll give you a full explanation, so you can seek help.

Then, after the installation, we do a second check to make sure everything is as it should be and that you’re not at risk from damp or damage.

How the Insulation is Funded

Because we work under ECO (Energy Company Obligation), we’re able to apply for funded grants to cover your cavity wall insulation. This is something we’ll discuss with you when you call, but an ECO grant will cover the costs of your whole insulation project.

Let’s get started. Call 0161 425 1916 to arrange the site visit and survey.


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