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Keep a Lid on Your Energy Bills with Loft Insulation

As every schoolchild learns, hot air rises. Without loft insulation to trap the heat, the warmth from your home will simply escape through the loft and the roof, meaning you need to run your heaters for longer and end up paying more.

In fact, some studies show that a few rolls of insulation can save £110 per year on energy costs. And as prices rise, so will that figure!

But there’s a bit more to insulation your loft than buying a few rolls from a hardware shop and borrowing a ladder so you can shimmy into the loft. You can trust Thermal Homes to do a fantastic job – and to help you offset up to 80% of the costs with a government grant.

What is Loft Insulation?

Simply put, loft insulation is like a woolly hat for your home. By adding layers of a material that traps heat and hot air to your loft, attic or roof space, insulation reduces heat loss in winter, leading to a warmer, more comfortable home.

And in summer, the insulation absorbs the heat from the sun beating down on your roof, keeping the rest of your house cooler and more comfortable.

Why Choose Loft Insulation?

Up to half of the heat generated by your heaters or central heating just disappears through uninsulated roofs. You’re still paying for that warmth, and the only ones getting any benefit are any pigeons perched on your roof tiles! But that’s not the only benefit, as we’ll show you:

  • You’ll be warmer in winter, cooler in summer.
  • Condensation will be less of an issue.
  • Less need for heating leads to lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint (good for the environment, great for your bank account).
  • Government grants can cut the costs of loft insulation by up to 80% (even better for your bank account).
  • You’ll notice less noise, especially to the upper floors of your home.

How Do We Install Loft Insulation?

Unlike cavity wall insulation, insulation for lofts can be fitted quickly and without any drilling or noise.

During our survey, we’ll measure up your loft and calculate how much insulation we need. Ideally, two layers should be present. One layer is fitted between your roof joists, and the second cross-laid at a right angle to the joists.

Once the insulation is laid snugly, the job is complete. It really is that simple!

What Types of Loft Insulation are Available?

There are two types of attic insulation. A type that keeps your home warm but makes it difficult to store anything in your loft, and a type that keeps your home warmer and doesn’t impact on your storage.

We only fit the second.

The first type is yellow glass fibre wool. While useful, this insulation is pretty unpleasant. It’s rough to the touch and causes itching, and it can be quite hazardous if inhaled. You also can’t place things on top of it, which means you’d lose your loft as a storage area. So we don’t fit it.

The type we do fit is Knauf Earthwool, and we fit it because it’s much more user-friendly. It’s softer and less hazardous, which is good for us when we fit it and good for you if you need to pop into the loft. In fact, you could wrap yourself in this insulation and roll down the street. There’s no reason you would, but it’d be safe.

Knauf Earthwool is also more resilient, meaning you can quite safely pop the Christmas tree up into the loft without causing any issues.

When you consider the benefits of Knauf Earthwool and the drawbacks of yellow wool, you can see why we only use the Knauf insulation!

Can Loft Insulation Cause Damp or Condensation?

An unheated attic with incorrectly fitted insulation can cause issues with damp or condensation. It’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t just buy a few rolls yourself.

If the insulation isn’t fitted properly, hot air condenses on your cold roof, creating condensation and even frost. This then collects and drips, leading to damp.

By fitting everything correctly and to the right standards, we avoid this happening. Instead, you keep warm and your loft stays dry!

Loft Insulation You Can Trust

Thermal Homes understands the insulation trade inside and out. We work to the highest standards and use the most reliable methods, ensuring that your loft insulation should last for around 15 years before you need a top-up.

Full surveys, professional installation and a thorough check and audit once everything is in place – because we work so diligently on your behalf, we’re able to offer you years and years of peace of mind.

So let’s begin – it all starts with a call and a site visit. To discuss your insulation project, call Thermal Homes on 0161 425 1916.


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